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1 x 12" with printed Shall Not Fade sleeve, white disco bag and colour printed centre stickers.

Brooklyn-based duo Julian Duron and Michael Sherburn are Earth Boys, connoisseurs of heady house music that warms you with soft summer heat. Returning to Shall Not Fade after the success of their sellout LP Earth Tones last year, Automatic EP continues the Bristol label’s new Classic Cuts series. It beautifully blends jazz instrumentation with deep house energy, creating sophisticated and unique dance music.

The title track is absolutely not to be missed - it’s something a little different from the duo, centralising completely infectious vocals that are guaranteed to circulate your head for hours, a clean cut hit. Jazz sax meanders over the laidback house beat and into the next track ‘Okokok,’ which nods to Middle Eastern disco, this time the sax solos pair with a throbbing acid bassline. This acidic edge is brought to the forefront in the hard hitting business of ‘Revolution 420’, a rave ready number infused with laser cut synths and dreamy pads. Floating flute samples bring in the B side, the hazey natural breaks but disco influenced bassline making ‘Hush’ both muted and danceable. Earth Boys bring master house producer JT Donaldson on board for the closing track, a sound soaked with funk n soul influence in its chunky slap bass and crooning female vocals. ‘Love Got You’ winds the EP to a close with style - both cool and romantic, understated and glittering with character.