ONLOOP012 - Matisa - Peace Building (VINYL)

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Acclaimed Italian Producer / DJ Matisa cements her ’one to watch’ credentials with the ‘Peace Building’ EP, released via On Loop on October 29th.

Having studied political science for 5 years, the concept of peacebuilding is close to Matisa’s heart and a mantra to live by. With this in mind, Matisa wrote ‘Peace Building’ EP. Matisa says: “The world would have been different today if we would have united for love, peace, construction, and to support each other in building as allies to one another making this world a better place. I hope my music can pass on some of this ethos and we can create a better world.”

With ‘Peace Building’ EP, Rome-born and now Florence-based Matisa follows up on acclaimed releases on Optimo Music, Permanent Vacation, Biologic Records, along with a forthcoming remix for Kim Ann Foxman. Her releases have been supported by Jennifer Cardini, DJ Seinfeld, Ivan Smagghe, Dusky, Zombies in Miami, John Digweed and many others.

As well as her productions Matisa’s Sub Club SensuCast Mix from
February 2021 was chosen by Resident Advisor as ‘Mix of the Day’. Outside of the music realm, in 2018, Matisa started Fashion design and received a Masters degree in ‘Fashion Product Management’ at Polimoda; one of the top ten fashion institutes in the world.

Early support coming in from Ben UFO, Carista, Midland, Peach, Nicola Cruz, Shanti Celeste, Sally C, Midland, Moxie & Job Jobse.


A1 - Selling Of All, The Brain!

B1 - Don't Let The Bugs Bite!

B2 - This Is A Dream, Grandma!