32A001 - SPEKTRALSOUND - Big Up / Big Up (VIP) (VINYL)

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City Road Records is a new label from UK based record shop Idle Hands. Whilst the shops in-house label has become known for deeper sounds this new label is aimed squarely at DJs and the dancefloor. It will releasing the type of music we like to hear in the rave, dance, pub or wherever we can turn it up in this post pandemic world.

The first release comes from production duo SPEKTRALSOUND. Here they tackle UK Garage with fresh ears, a timeless record built in 2021 which wouldn’t sound out of place at any point in the past 20 years. Mixing the rough with the smooth ‘Big Up’ takes the best parts of UK Garage ‘2-step swinging drums, lush chords and melodies, vocal samples and flips them into certified dancefloor groovers’. On the flip the VIP mix adds in some nostalgic samples combining the past with the future.